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“It is in our interest not to encourage isolationism”

The leader of Belgium’s largest political party, Flemish nationalist Bart De Wever, says that: ‘We must now deal with a new political reality, after American democracy has spoken’. Mr De Wever, the mayor of Antwerp, adds that politicians should show moderation in their reactions to the Trump victory.

Mr De Wever speaks of a hardly uplifting presidential campaign: “For us the task is now to deal with a new political reality, though we need to await which policies the new president and the US congress will pursue.”

The mayor of Antwerp calls on responsible politicians to show moderation in their reactions: “Enthusiasm is not a condition needed to strive for good relations and stability. A sense of responsibility will take us further than emotional outbursts.”

Mr De Wever underlines that the US is the world’s largest economy and an historic ally: “It is in our interest not to encourage isolationism. We should not boost feelings of insecurity that are bad for the economy.”


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