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Flanders in line with European Eco-norm

6 April 2007

BRUSSELS – It has taken three years, but today the renovation of the sewage-water treatment plant (RWZI) in Deurne has been realised. The re-construction, which cost EUR 29 million, fits in with the renovation programme for water filtration units of Aquafin.

By means of the RWZI renovation in Deurne, Flanders has managed to comply with the European norm of 75 percent nitrogen removal.

This is good news, since Flanders already achieved the European norm of 75 per cent phosphorus removal in 2000. “In 2004 we were reprimanded by Brussels because we did not comply with the European directive for Urban Waste-water quickly enough. It is important that today we can let Europe know that we really do our best,” said Flemish minister for the Environment Kris Peeters (CD&V).

However, the minister admits that the job is not yet done. “It is not our intention to rest on our laurels now. We first dealt with the large installations: the time has now come to take the small ones in hand,” he said.

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