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Dozens of Anderlecht hooligans arrested in Mainz

Published on 21/10/2016

Over 90 trouble makers were apprehended; they were found carrying firecrackers and boxing gloves.

The hooligans assembled in downtown Mainz. Around 5pm, their number had grown to an estimated 400 when they started making trouble, targeting local German police by throwing bottles. One German police officer was punched on the head and had to go to hospital.

Eventually, over 90 hooligans were apprehended. A number of them were carrying boxing gloves filled with sand, knives or firecrackers. 7 police officers suffered hearing damage. In all, 9 policemen got injured and 3 troublemakers.

“They were well prepared,” Germans police said. “They were hiding their faces from us and were seeking a clash with Mainz fans, who were having a drink just further down the road. But we knew what they were up to and had also prepared well.” The German forces had received support from their Belgian colleagues; one Belgian was among the injured.

The hooligans were released after the match and travelled back to Belgium on special buses.One hooligans remained behind bars after punching and injuring a female police officer.


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