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Delvaux fetches €2.4 million in New York

Published on 16/11/2016

It is the cash-strapped Delvaux Foundation that was forced to sell "La route de Rome" to fund its operations at the Delvaux Museum.

The museum’s Julie Van Deun is pleased that the work fetched a ‘correct’ price: “I stayed in Belgium, but was up all night. The 2.4 million is a record for a work of this nature from the seventies.”

The foundation is pleased the work has been snapped up by an art collector rather than an investor: “This is Delvaux’ spirit. He couldn’t understand the amounts people were willing to spend on art.”

The Delvaux Museum based in the resort of St Idesbald currently has a staff of four. It now intends to recruit a fifth staff member to seek out new sponsors. It will continue work on projects aimed at restoring Delvaux canvases and is still looking for a building in Brussels where a Delvaux showcase can be installed to allow short term exhibitions.


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