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Decapitation scene on streets of Brussels

A mural depicting a decapitation now embellishes the side of a house near the Vlaamsepoort in the City of Brussels. The city authorities are not amused and want the work of art to be removed forthwith.

Brussels news website Bruzz has posted a photograph of the mural showing two hands involved in a decapitation.

Earlier sexually explicit murals were left untouched by the city authorities, but this one is considered to be beyond the pale despite the fact that it clearly closely resembles “The Sacrifice of Isaac” by the Italian master Caravaggio.

Alderman Ans Persoons told the daily Het Laatste Nieuws: “This cannot be compared to the sexual drawings that appeared on our streets in recent months. It depicts a decapitation and could inspire people to perpetrate violence. I feel this is too violent and want the mural to go ASAP.”

If that is to happen, the city will have to contact the owner of the premises first. Mayor Yvan Mayeur too wants to see the back of this artwork. The city will decide this week whether or not to take an initiative.


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