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David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II arrives on VRT TV

Published on 08/12/2016

In the UK where the series premiered last month 12 million Britons watched the first episode and that is more than the entire population of Belgium! Here too expectations are high.

Environmental activist and film producer Nic Balthazar: “You are looking at poetry. It’s a top level series that illustrates what we are losing fast. If anybody has shown that we should stop destroying paradises like these, then it’s David Attenborough and his team. The first series made use of helicopters to provide a bird’s view. Now the team employed remote controlled drones and ultra HD. It gives you the idea you are right at the centre of the action. As a film producer you look at it and say this is incredible. The minute Planet Earth is on, you are captivated. A story unfolds and you want to know how it ends.”

The series goes out on the VRT’s more serious TV channel Canvas. Instead of veteran naturalist David Attenborough Flemish viewers are treated to the dulcet tones of actor Vic De Wachter “I believe Planet Earth is the superlative degree. It’s unbelievable what is shown. You have to ask how do they do it? The producers have means, people and time at their disposal, but even so you are surprised how they can manage it. In the air, on the ground, in the desert and in the snow. This series is the limit!”

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