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Belgian film sparks Front National outrage

“Chez Nous” tells the story of a young woman who is approached by an extremist party in a town in the North of France.

“Scandalous and unacceptable”, “a propaganda movie” and “Made by Goebbels’s comrades” are just some of the responses to the film’s trailer on social media.

The film tells the tale of a nurse who is approached by the Patriotic Bloc, an extremist party, led by a robust woman.

France’s National Front (Front National – FN) says the film abuses their party and caricatures their leader.

Belgian film director Lucas Belvaux laughs off the brouhaha: “They accuse me of creating caricatures. My figures are less of a caricature than they are. I am surprised by their abusive language.”

“This is a film with commitment. The idea is to encourage dialogue, not to provoke the FN or spread fear of the party.”

“Chez Nous” will hit Belgian movie theatres in March. Emilie Dequenne, who sfeatured in the Dardennes hit movie “Rosetta”, stars.



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