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“Banks are taking irresponsible risks with our savings”

Published on 27/04/2017

Knack quizzed a mere thousand Belgians about their attitudes to money, but believes this is a sufficient number to reveal our attitudes to cash and the like.

Belgians’ confidence in the banking system remains at a low ebb. 46% of those quizzed fear a new banking crisis. 56% say that the banks are still taking irresponsible risks with their savings, though 62% are prepared to trust the advice given by their bank.

The survey also reveals that 20% of us fail to make ends meet at the end of the month. A basic income for all could be a solution, but this is one idea rejected by 60% of those polled.

Knack defined a basic income as 1,000 euros a month for everybody whether they are in work or not. All other benefits like unemployment benefit, child allowance, sick pay and pensions would disappear. 63% of those polled reject the idea under this definition. 19% are in favour, while 18% have no opinion. The proposal courts more support among the young, while it is more likely to get the thumbs down from seniors.

47% of those polled support a tax on the profit made on a sale of shares; 35% oppose the idea. The proposed new tax is championed by the governing Flemish Christian democrats, but opposed by other government parties. The figures show that people who deal in shares are not necessarily against the idea. On the basis of these figures the weekly concludes that there is no big resistance to the proposed tax.

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