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Animal park to file down rhino horns

The decision has come in the wake of last week’s killing of a rhino by poachers at a zoo just outside Paris.

Pairi Daiza has three adult rhinos and a young rhino Sethemba (Swahili for hope) that was born on the day of last year’s terrorist attacks.

Filing down the rhino horn is a painless as us filing our nails. Moreover, it makes them no longer attractive to poachers as they are only interested in the rhino’s horn.

The filing down of rhinos’ horns is common practice in African national parks and is used as a means of protecting the animals against poachers.

Pairi Daiza has long had security measures in force and these will remain unchanged. However, the boss of the animal park Eric Domb told VRT News that “There is still a risks that these scoundrels are still at work.

This doesn’t only pose a threat to the rhinos, but also to their keepers and security staff; We should aim for zero risk”. 


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