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Wild car chase in Antwerp

Published on 28/03/2015
Police couldn’t stop the vehicle, despite using gunfire at one stage, and started a high-speed chase, but eventually ended up in a crash with another car, that had nothing to with the previous incident. 3 people sustained injuries.
The story starts in Zwijndrecht, just across the River Scheldt west of Antwerp – an area called Linkeroever (Left Bank) – as a car tries to escape a regular road check. Police start a car chase, but have an accident and can’t continue. The other car returns after some time and drives straight towards the police car. The police officers feel threatened and shoot at the vehicle, but can’t stop it.

A new car chase begins. The people on the run go towards Antwerp, entering the Waaslandtunnel under the Scheldt. At Rechteroever (east of the Scheldt), the pursuing police car crashes into a private vehicle of someone who apparently has nothing to do with the previous incidents. “Three people sustained injuries: 2 of our colleagues and another person”, explains Sven Lommaert of the Antwerp police. The first car managed to get away.


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