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What’s new from 1 June?

Published on 02/06/2015
An example of this is the disappearance of the old ‘built-up’ area signs from our roads. The signs with the name of the municipality or town in black on a white background were originally scrapped in changes made to the Highway Code in 2004. However, municipal, town and city authorities were given over a decade to change them. Although some of the old style signs are still up, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities doesn’t expect too many problems to arise.

New opening hours for post offices

The Belgian Post Office has announced new opening hours for its network of post offices. From now on all post offices will be open until 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday. This means that in future most post offices will only be open from 9:30am.

Bpost hopes that the changes will make life easier for its customers. Larger post offices will still be open from 9am. Three-quarters of all post offices are also open on Saturday morning.

More purchases can be made using ‘Eco cheques’

The range of items that can be paid for using so-called ‘eco cheques’, vouchers that can be used to purchase environmentally-friendly produce has also been expanded.

From now on Eco cheques can be used to buy second-hand. The cost of shared bicycle services such as Villo! in Brussels and the Velo in Antwerp and shared car services such as Cambio can now also be paid for with eco cheques.

Also new is that holidays in eco-friendly Groene Sleutel (green key) lodgings, soda machines, the installation of grass tiles and tiles that let the rainwater through all can now be paid for with Eco cheques. 

The range of household appliances that can be paid for with Eco cheques has also been expanded. However, only the most energy-efficient appliances can be bought using eco cheques. 


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