Home News Rampant horse sends beach stroller to intensive care

Rampant horse sends beach stroller to intensive care

Published on 13/04/2015
During a beach horse ride of six, one equestrian fell off her horse. The animal then went on a rampage and injured a beach stroller, who suffered several severe fractures.
During a ride at the Knokke-Heist beach, near the Zwin Natural Park, a female equestrian fell off and lost control of her horse. The animal went berserk and charged towards the sea wall. Two male riders immediately went in pursuit.
‘The animal rushed straight towards a man from Antwerp, who was taking a walk on the beach at that moment. He suffered several fractures and was taken to intensive care’, says Knokke-Heist Police spokesperson Isolde Van Eenooghe.
‘The horse went on to run down a woman and her nine-year-old son. They did not sustain any grave injuries, but were taken to hospital in shock. The two riders in pursuit jumped off their horses to restrain the rampaging animal. They were also injured in the process.’
Two police officers who were coincidentally passing by the scene were able to calm down the berserk horse with the help of the two equestrians. In total, 6 people were hurt in the incident.