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Rail services heavily disrupted

The Belgian Rail Company NMBS is warning passengers that rail services could (or will) be heavily disrupted as from 10pm on 27 May. Downing tools are members of the small trades union ASTB, that represents the interests of train drivers.

The NMBS is warning passengers to be well informed before taking any train. Strike action starts at 10pm tonight to continue until 3am on Friday. Those taking a train home tonight, are advised to reach their destination before 9pm to be on the safe side.

As for Friday morning, the NMBS says ‘it will do everything in its power to have trains running back on schedule as soon as possible.’ Passengers can check the various online media to check whether train is running on schedule.

The NMBS ‘strongly condemns’ the decision taken by the ASTB, also pointing to the fact that ‘several meetings were held to prevent strike action from being taken’. The trades union is unhappy about the salaries and the compensation for late hours and weekends. The NMBS retorts that the demands voiced by the ASTB are ‘unreasonable’. They would cost an extra EUR 15 million in times of austerity measures, Belgian Rail adds.


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