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Mobile homes for those in need of care

Published on 19/03/2015
In future, Flemish people in need of care could be housed in mobile living containers placed in the garden of the relative or friend who is providing care.

The project is the result of co-operation between several care organisations and a number of businesspeople. Several hundred thousand euros are being invested at this point. In coming months, the most efficient way of proceeding will be worked out and the steps e.g. with regard to building applications will be set out.

Mobile containers for people requiring care are already used abroad. Last year several hundred living containers were erected in Holland.

Lieve Apers of the Enterprise Agency, “When you’re at home, you have your stuff, but the care environment is often not what it should be. This can provide a temporary solution.”

In this way elderly relatives needing care could stay in the family environment for longer. The mobile containers are not only intended for seniors, but for everybody requiring care.

Mobile containers will be kitted out taking account of the specific needs of residents. They’re easily erected and taken away. The containers could prove a solution for the lengthy waiting lists for Flemish nursing homes.


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