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Less reports of aggression in Brussels public transport

he number of incidents between Brussels public transport staff and passengers, and also between passengers, saw a 15 per cent drop.
The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB explains the improvement by the installation of more CCTV cameras and the hiring of extra security staff. On the other hand, there are more reports of verbal abuse. The MIVB explains this by the increasing passenger numbers.
In concrete numbers, 2014 had 133 official cases of physical aggression against MIVB staff (which means a 17 per cent drop on the year) and 541 cases of aggression involving other passengers (-13%). The MIVB added in a press release that the figures apply to over 10 million rides.
As the number of passengers continues to increase, verbal abuse is on the up. Most victims are staff members (702 cases or 2 each day, +18%); other cases involve passengers (184, +23%). “The increase in passenger numbers triggers a higher risk of tensions and stress situations, which could explain the higher numbers”, the MIVB said.