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Giant graffiti mural at Antwerp dock

Published on 14/04/2015
No less than 10 weeks of work went into the enormous mural, measuring nine metres in height and 300 metres in width. Now’s the time to stop by the harbour and see the giant work of art, because at the end of April, the sluice will be flooded.

The 300-metre-long graffiti painting that Cazn made for the new Deurganck dock lock starts with a wasteland, followed by birds in a wildlife reserve, in turn followed by colourful fish, sharks, a mermaid, Neptune, and ships at the harbour. The drawing will remain visible from the control tower, although it will be partly flooded most of the time, depending on the tide.

At the same time, harbour personnel is working hard to prepare the Deurganck dock lock for its actual purpose. The sluice will be flooded on 27 April. The water that will fill the sluice will come from the Waasland Canal located nearby.


Roan Van Eyck /  Flandersnews.be / Expatica