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Brussels launches ‘I shop on Sundays’

Published on 21/04/2015
Sunday shopping is scheduled to be launched on 24 May, the day of the 20th edition of the Brussels Jazz Marathon. The new shopping system will be heralded through an information campaign under the name ‘I shop on Sundays’.
The news was released by the Brussels alderwoman for trade, the Francophone liberal Marion Lemesre. The Sunday shopping applies to all shops in the so-called Brussels pentagon, which is the tourist centre.

It does not apply to the main street of shopping, the Nieuwstraat or Rue Neuve. The Nieuwstraat will only receive shoppers on the first Sunday of each month, as is now the case, and exceptionally also on 24 May. 

Lemesre hopes tourists leaving in the weekend will prolong their stay in Brussels just a little bit, or that it may even convince tourists to come here. Others oppose the idea, saying that the measure will benefit bigger shops that can more easily employ people in weekends.

The plans received the green light from the Brussels city council and the federal government, but not yet from the Brussels Region. This should happen on 23 April.

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