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Brussels is the EU’s 3rd richest region

Only Inner London (325 percent) and the Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (258 percent) boast better figures in the European Union. That’s according to the European statistics office Eurostat.

While Brussels had just over double the European Union average, it advanced the Hamburg Region in Germany (195 percent), Groningen in the Netherlands (187 percent), Bratislava in Slovakia (184 percent), Stockholm in Sweden (179 percent), Ile de France in Paris (175 percent) and Prague in the Czech Republic (173 percent). 

Eurostat makes an important remark. “The GDP output per person can be largely influenced by the number of commuters. Some regions are seeing a big influx of commuters that help the area to bring growth and prosperity to levels that could not be reached by the local population itself. The opposite can be seen in regions where many of these commuters live.”

Where Belgium is concerned, every Flemish province has an output that exceeds the European average, except for Limburg province that has to be content with 99 percent. The Flemish Region as a whole reaches 120 percent.

It’s a different story for Wallonia, where only the province of Walloon Brabant (129 percent) does better than the EU average. The Walloon Region as a whole only has 88 percent.


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