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Bruges tours now guided by app

It’s called ‘Xplore Bruges’, and it works in five different languages. The app should bring Bruges tourist information to a younger audience.

Xplore Bruges features six themed routes through old Bruges: Hans Memling in Burgundian BrugesHans Memling at Saint Jan’s HospitalBruges World Heritage CityLetters in BrugesGuido Gezelle: A Poet’s Journey, and Inside and Outside (still ‘under construction’). Durations all approximate 2h30 (a 2-km walk). There’s also a Sightseeingtour to discover Bruges gems at the users own pace.

The user can take the tours on foot or riding a bike. The app uses his location, takes him to different places, and shows more information on the spot. The user can then even upload photos and comments onto the app or onto social media.

‘Our city’s strongest feature is its beautiful architectural and cultural heritage,’ says Katrien Steelandt of the Bruges Heritage Fund. ‘A lot of tourists here have a smartphone or tablet. Why not use that?’

Furthermore, the city is looking for different new ways to bring its patrimony closer to the public, partly though the use of technology. ‘By the end of the year, we’ll have touch tables installed in several places featuring info on Bruges history and heritage.’

Xplore Bruges work in English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish. It is now available on the Appstore and on Google Play.


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