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April 2015 was a ‘peculiar’ month

Published on 04/05/2015
Only on three previous occasions since records started to be kept in 1887 did the sun shine for more hours during a Belgian April.
VRT weatherman Frank Deboosere believes that April 2015 was a ‘peculiar’ month, ‘There was little rain, but it’s above all the amount of sunshine that was striking. During April 2015 the sun shone more than during an average summer month in Belgium.’
There were 228 hours of sunshine recorded in April. In 2011 the figure was 239 hours, while the record is held by 2007 when 301 hours of sunshine were recorded in April.
More sun also meant less rainfall: some 24.4 mm were recorded. Average temperature stood at 10.3° Celsius and that is perfectly normal says Frank Deboosere.

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