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Antwerp speed cameras not operative

Published on 04/05/2015
VTM News reports that the province is dealing with a staff shortage, and it doesn’t have the resources to keep the speed cameras functional. Federal police are confirming the issue. Antwerp prosecution will be discussing the matter with the Interior Affairs Ministry in the coming week, in order to find a solution as soon as possible.
The reason for shutting down the speed cameras in Antwerp was twofold. Firstly, there was a capacity issue in the Antwerp operational centre. Secondly, there was a new directive from Antwerp Prosecution. It says that, when police catch a speeding lease car, they should identify not just the leasing company, but the actual driver as well. ‘This makes for a considerable additional workload. Combine that with a staff shortage and we cannot process all the speeding tickets that are being registered,’ explains Antwerp police spokesperson Tine Hollevoet.
According to Ms Hollevoet, it is not plausible to keep the speed traps operative, and catch up to tickets that haven’t been charged yet at a later stage. She stresses that, nevertheless, measurements will continue on regular Antwerp highways by mobile units. Finally, speed cameras on local roads will also remain functional as always.
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