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Flagey could be Flemish cultural centre

Published on 08/12/2004

8 December 2004

BRUSSELS – The Flagey arts and entertainment centre in the Brussels commune of Ixelles could be turned into a Flemish institution, it emerged on Wednesday.

The Flanders government has pledged EUR 1.5 million to Flagey for next year and an estimated EUR 2 million for 2006.

The offer from the Flanders government is welcome news for Flagey.

In August, its manager Bernard Boon Falleur said its future would be threatened and called on the Wallonian government to increase its subsidies of EUR 350,000.

However, in return, for the Flemish funding, Flanders’ cultural minister Bert Anciaux said the centre would have to become a “temple to Flemish culture”.

He says he wants two-thirds of the centre’s management board to be Flemish.

The minister warned without the Flemish funding Flagey would have to close its doors next year.

Anciaux’s announcement brought dismay from the Wallonian cultural minister Fadila Laanan, who called for discussions on the proposal with the minister president of Brussels Charles Picque.

Wallonia and the Brussels currently region fund Flagey jointly to the tune of EUR 850,000.

Brussels pays EUR 500,000 of that total.

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