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First real accord reached in formation

9 October 2007

BRUSSELS – Christian democrats and liberals in Belgium reached an accord on the issues of asylum and migration during talks on Monday night.

This is the first real accord reached between the Flemish and Walloon parties in the process of forming a federal government, 120 days after general elections. Flemish public broadcaster reported this on Tuesday.

Formateur Yves Leterme, leader of the Flemish Christian democrats and the big winner in June’s elections, announced the accord at a press conference which was attended by the four delegation leaders as well. Leterme says the accord reached is an important one in a sensitive dossier.

The accord provides for more stringent regulations for family reunification and makes it more difficult to become a Belgian citizen.

In future, naturalisation candidates will be required to live in Belgium for an uninterrupted period of five years and speak one of the three official languages. The negotiators also reached agreement on the introduction of a form of economic migration.

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