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Firms choose internet sales

18 October 2004

BRUSSELS – More and more Belgian firms are choosing to make purchases via the internet, it emerged on Monday.

Around 60 percent of firms have bought items on-line, according to a survey conducted by the study bureau InSites and the “Industry Magazine” review.

A similar study conducted in 2002, showed that only 51 percent of firms were buying from the internet.

As a rule, internet buyers are generally seeking more information about new suppliers and new products.

Many opt for on-line products in the belief that service will be quicker and more efficient.

However, about half of those questioned are of the view that internet companies need to improve their service.

The 40 percent who do not use the internet for sales, said that they prefer personal contact with a sales representative and that the product they were buying was too complex to rely on an internet purchase.

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