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Fire-struck coke towers demolished

Published on 17/12/2003

17 December 2003

BRUSSELS – A week after fire broke out in an old coke factory at Marly in Brussels, all three of its chimneystacks have been demolished.

Fire services have been battling with 50 metre high flames since the middle of last week, with all attempts at putting out the fire failing, and the blaze’s stench carrying as far as Limburg province.

Several factory workers and residents of the Machelen and Diegem areas had complained of headaches and vomiting as the days passed, pushing the Brussels authorities to take drastic action, despite tests showing no air abnormalities.

Tuesday morning the decision was taken to demolish one of the factory’s three burning towers, one having already fallen to the ground.

Tower two was demolished that afternoon and was subsequently covered with an anti-fire foam.

It was then realised that smoke was also coming from tower three, which was demolished early Wednesday morning.
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