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Finger biter gets two years

8 March 2007

BRUSSELS – An 18-year-old youth who bit off the finger of a police officer was convicted by the court in Ghent on Wednesday. The teenager was sentenced to two years in prison, one of which suspended. He will have to seek help for his aggression problem.

The defendant, Samson I., was stopped by police near the Woodrow Wilsonplein in Ghent at about 3 a.m. last 8 December. The teenager of Nigerian descent resisted fiercely to being searched. Police found a crowbar, a fake pistol and a box of coins in his bag.

During the skirmish he bit the finger of one of the policemen. The officer, a 30-year-old Ghent resident, lost the tip of his finger as a result. The doctors at the University Hospital tried to reattach the segment, but the operation caused complications.

The officer is still unable to work. The court awarded him preliminary damages of EUR 2,500.

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