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Find a doctor that speaks your language

Published on 20/11/2014

At the same time, perhaps the patient's language skills are not up to explaining their condition.

This is why owners of a Brussels IT company set up the Geomed.be website.

The website that was launched on 15 October provides information about 1,500 GPs and specialists from in and around Brussels and what languages they speak.

The site has filters per language (ranging from English to Vietnamese) and per specialisation.

So whether it’s a Vietnamese-speaking Nephrologist you’re looking for or a Czech-speaking psychiatrist, you can find them on the Geomed.be site. Around 368 of the doctors registered on the site are able to speak English.

The site itself is available in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish. The site is completely free of charge, both for patients and for doctors that want to register with it.


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