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Fewer illegals found in transit

Published on 28/02/2007

28 February 2007

BRUSSELS – The number of illegal aliens intercepted in containers and freight trucks has fallen dramatically in the last several years. In 2,000 some 8,695 illegals were found being transported in this manner, while in 2006 only 2,671 were found. This has emerged from figures from the Aliens Service (DVZ).

Spokesperson Karen Vandeweghe says the decrease is primarily due to the increased checks since 2004. The stepped up vigilance has resulted in the dismantling of many human trafficking networks and illegals are now taking different routes.

“Over the past few years they have been travelling to the UK via the Netherlands and Denmark rather than through Belgium,” the spokesperson said.

But these figures only include those found in transit, the people “dumped” here by traffickers are not included in the numbers. It is difficult to say how many illegal aliens have been brought here in containers and freight trucks.

“These people show up in the figures for the number of illegal aliens picked up on the streets or working in restaurants and other places,” Vandeweghe explained.

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