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Father homeless after family tragedy

26 March 2007

BRUSSELS –  A dozen Belgians have offered Bouchaïb Moqadem, the father of the five children killed by their mother at the end of February, a place to stay. His home in Nivelles is still sealed off and the government has not found him an emergency home.

Bouchaïb Moqadem admitted himself to hospital in Brussels for bed rest at the advice of the victim support service. He sent out a cry for help from the hospital this weekend. “I feel abandoned by the government. I’m being left to wander the country.”

Since his return from Morocco last Sunday the man has moved from one friend to another in search of a place to stay and rest. He cannot stay in his own home since it is still sealed off by the court and will remain so until the end of April.

He went to the mayor of Nivelles last Wednesday to ask if any emergency home was available. But none has been found so far.

It is still uncertain where he will go once he’s released from hospital in a few days’ time. “Several people have phoned over the past few days to offer him a place to stay and rest,” says Brussels Spirit politician Fouad Ahidar. “That is encouraging for him, but it is still incomprehensible that the government has not provided a solution. The mayor of Nivelles says he is doing his utmost. But we still haven’t seen any results.”

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