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Father confesses to killing son

26 April 2007

DINANT –  44-year-old Patrice G. from Saint-Ghislain was arrested on Wednesday afternoon for the voluntary premeditated manslaughter of his 8-year-old son on the rocks of Freyr on Monday afternoon. The man was scheduled to be transferred to Sint-Gillis this afternoon.

“The father of the boy has confessed. He said that he wanted to commit suicide with his son because he had not been granted more access to the child,” the public prosecutor in Dinant said during a press conference.

The man planned to throw himself from the rocks in Freyr. He had often been to the location when serving as a soldier in the 1980s.

He did not have time to find the right path however because he noticed that police were after him. So he hid for a moment and pushed his son from the steep incline that led to the rocks. He then went to the child and struck him with a stone because he saw that he was still alive.

Then he jumped into a ravine holding the child, the prosecutor said.

Patrice G. disappeared with his son on Monday afternoon. He told the child’s mother that he wanted to kill both himself and his son. The mother alerted police.

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