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Fatal accidents cause train delays

12 February 2007

BRUSSELS – Two fatal accidents caused delays to train traffic in the province of Antwerp on Monday morning. At about 10 a.m. two people were hit by trains in separate incidents, one in Wildert, between Essen and Kalmthout, and one in Hombeek, near Mechelen.

The incidents both happened at about the same time and at level crossings with half-barriers and traffic lights. Railway manager Infrabel says that the infrastructure was functioning without any problems. The authorities in the two towns are assuming that both incidents were acts of desperation.

Train traffic in both directions on train line 53 between Dendermonde and Antwerp was delayed by 30 minutes after the incident in Hombeek. Commuter buses were brought in to transport stranded passengers between Londerzeel and Mechelen.

The 60 passengers on board the train involved in the collision were evacuated and allowed to continue their journey on another train an hour later. Train traffic was on schedule again from 11.20 a.m.

The second incident, in Wildert, involved a collision with a Thalys train. Line 12 between Antwerpen and Amsterdam was delayed by 20 minutes. The passengers on the Thalys train were allowed to remain on board and continue their journey to Amsterdam on the same train.

Passengers at other stations were transported between Essen and Kalmthout by commuter bus. Traffic in this area was running normally from 12.25 p.m., according to  Infrabel.

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