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Far right leader threatens journalist after expose

Published on 10/01/2005

10 January 2005

BRUSSELS – The Belgian journalists union has condemned threats made against a Belgian TV journalist by extreme right politician Daniel Feret.

The leader of the French speaking National Front said he was “out to get” RTBF journalist Jean-Claude Defosse for filming his expose of the party’s activities in a televised documentary.

Feret has also filed a complaint about the documentary, claiming that Defosse used documents that had been stolen from his lawyers house in a burglary.

The journalists union, AGJPB, reacted “with indignation” at Feret’s threats, issuing a statement that it “once again revealed the fundamentally undemocratic character of the extreme right that explicitly threatened freedom of expression.”

The union promised to support Defosse in defending himself against the official complaint.

His documentary will be screened on Monday.

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