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Fall in Belgian road accidents

11 October 2004

BRUSSELS – The number of accidents on Belgian roads fell by 6.03 percent in the first six months of 2004, it was reported on Monday.

The figures were matched with the same period for 2003 and follow the launch of a massive road safety campaign earlier this year.

A total of 25,316 accidents were still recorded, according to the latest statistics released by the office of Mobility Minister, Renaat Landuyt, the federal police and the Belgian institute for road safety.

The federal police have confirmed that the number of injuries caused by road accidents fell from 2,498 to 2,343 in the period from January to August, compared to 2003.

The number of deaths remained constant at 86, while the number of serious injuries dropped from 553 to 498.

Landuyt intends to use the figures to devise a new road safety plan.

In February 2004, the Belgian government launched a crack down on motoring offences in an attempt to cut road deaths and injuries.

Under the new rules, anyone caught committing a serious driving offence and causing a major accident would automatically have their licence taken away.

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