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Faeces found in tap water in Theux

Published on 18/06/2004

18 June 2004

BRUSSELS –  Dangerous levels of faecal matter have been found in domestic water suppllies in the town ofTheux, in the the province of Liege, authorities there warned Friday.

Local residents have been told not to drink from the tap and to boil any water intended for domestic consumption until further notice.

“Only the inhabitants of central Theux and the zone of Juslenville are concerned by the incident,” said Francis Briscot, head of the Theux water supply board.

Some 1,500 homes are reported to be affected by the contamination, all supplied directly from the Awieux water treatment plant.

“All other neighbourhoods and villages in and around Theux, which are supplied by different treatment plants, are absolutely not affected,” Briscot said.

The contamination, which can in extreme cases cause dysentery, was discovered during routine chlorination work. Tests are underway to discover the source of the faecal matter.

The local authorities have warned that cofee percolators and similar domestic cooking appliances do not boil water sufficiently to destroy the bacteria.

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