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Extra support during divorce

5 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Flemish Minister for Welfare Inge Vervotte is taking extra measures to support parents and children going through a divorce.

Twenty to twenty-five percent of the children in Flanders are confronted with a divorce. Divorce can have negative effects on both parents and children, including depression or low self-esteem.

Vervotte is now taking a number of measures to help parents going through a divorce and the children involved. More personnel will be made available at neutral visitation centres, where parents involved in a divorce can spend supervised time with their children. More resources will also be made available for the training of family mediators.

A new project will be launched to ensure that children are more involved in the decisions that their parents take, about who brings them to school for instance.

Training sessions will also be set up to teach children and parents to communicate with each other better.

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