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Eurostar faster from 2007

Published on 27/09/2004

27 September 2004

BRUSSELS – Journey times between Brussels and London on the high speed Eurostar train will be almost half an hour shorter from 2007, it was announced on Monday.

Eurostar said that when the next UK section of the high speed rail link between the two cities opens in 2007 it will take 1 hour 53 minutes to travel from Brussels to London.

At present the trip takes 2 hours 20 minutes.

Last year saw a first section of high speed track opened in the UK, bringing journey times down from 2 hours 40 minutes to the current figure.

Eurostar also said that as soon as possible it will begin using the brand new St. Pancras International terminal in north London.

The train, which also operates services between London and Paris, currently uses Waterloo station in the south of the UK capital.

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