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European institutions in Brussels adopt ‘yellow’ alarm code

A sign at the entrance of the Berlaymont building at Schuman informs visitors and staff that the yellow alert code has been put into force.

Those willing to enter the building will have their bag searched first.

If you don’t have a badge, you will not be allowed inside. Visitors are also confronted with stricter checks across the road at the Justus Lipsius block.

Bags have to go through a scanner, as always, but anyone willing to enter will have to present his badge outside.

A spokeswoman for the Commission said “there is permanent contact with the Belgian authorities”. “We don’t know about any concrete threats involving the European institutions, so this is more a precaution measure.”

Jewish schools in Antwerp closed

In Antwerp, court buildings have received extra protection, as has the main police office.

Police officers are always in the company of (a) colleague(s) in public places and are wearing protective clothing. It’s quiet in the Jewish quarters, although the atmosphere is tense.

Several Jewish schools are closed.

Some local police stations have been closed, like in Borgerhout (Antwerp).

In Brussels, there were long queues at the Justice Palace as rigid checks were being carried out on everyone entering the court room areas.

Some are making new proposals. The Chairman of the European Jewish Association (EJA), the Brussels rabbi Menachem Margolin, is asking the governments of EU member states to adapt legislation is such a way that the Jewish communities can defend themselves against potential attacks. “Jewish people are not feeling safe for the moment”, he argues.


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