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Euro forging ring uncovered

25 February 2005

BRUSSELS – Two men have been arrested in Belgium for dealing in forged 50 euro banknotes which made their way into several major banks, it emerged on Friday.

Namur’s police and judicial services started an investigation after complaints about fake notes in the area.

They tracked down a 41 year old Italian man living in Sambreville, who is suspected of distributing fake notes supplied by a 49-year-old Italian living in Liege.

In a sting operation on Sunday, the police arrested the pair as they exchanged 1,000 50 euro notes.

A search at the home of the Liege man found another 600 notes ready for distribution.

The police say the Sambreville man has confessed to selling false notes for EUR 20 for the last few weeks.

Investigators believe the false notes come from Italy and say further questioning and inquiries will take place over the next few days to find the other criminals involved in the ring.

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