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EUR 700,000 for victims of air show crash

Published on 16/01/2006

16 January 2006

BRUSSELS — The surviving relatives of the Oostende air show crash in 1997 will be paid damages of about EUR 700,000.

Brugge Court ruled on Monday that the Flemish region and three insurance firms were civilly liable for the air crash.

The plane of Jordanian stunt pilot Omar Bilal crashed into spectators at the Oostende air show at the Oostende-Brugge International Airport on 26 July 1997.
Besides the pilot, nine others were killed and 55 people were injured.

In an earlier-held criminal court trial and appeal, the flight director and safety observer of the organising firm, Aviation Promotion Team, were acquitted of all charges.

However, Brugge Court dismissed on Monday the defence arguments of the Oostende City Council, Flemish region, aviation authority Belgocontrol, the Aviation Promotion Team and their insurers.
However, only the Flemish region was declared liable based on legislation dating back to 30 July 1979, which governs liability in cases of fire and explosions in public places.

The court dismissed the charges laid against the Royal Jordanian Falcons stunt team, the city of Oostend and the organisers of the event.

Damages with 5 percent interest were awarded to the relatives of the victims, but how the damages will be divided between the insurers will be decided at a later date.

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