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EUR 500 million in damage caused by Whitsun storm

Published on 04/11/2014

According to figures released on Monday by the insurance federation Assuralia, 171,000 claims for storm damage were made after the Whitsun storm.

Assuralia adds that even five months later its member is still receiving new claims every day.

Some 87,000 of the claims are for damage to private homes.

Payments for damage to private homes average EUR 2,663 (excluding franchise), making for a total amount of EUR 230 million euro.

In addition to this there were 71,000 claims for damage to motor vehicles.

Here, the average claim was for EUR 2,000.

In 20 cases the amount paid out exceeded EUR 25,000.

There were 2,000 claims made by farmers amounting to a total of EUR 20 million.

Companies made a total of 9,000 claims, including 14 for EUR 400,000 or more.

One company even made a claim for EUR 3 million worth of damage.



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