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EUR 1,000 a day until son is returned

19 June 2007

ANTWERP – The court in Antwerp has ordered a Spanish man to pay a fine of EUR 1,000 a day if he fails to return his young son to his ex-wife in Belgium on Wednesday.

This is the third time that the court has ordered the man to return his 11-year-old son Daniel to the boy’s mother in Belgium. The Spanish court has also ordered him to do so. But until now the man has refused.

In 2005 Daniel, who was 9 at the time, did not return from Easter holiday with his father in Granada. His mother, Monique Van De Sompel (42), was initially assured by the Spanish court that the father must hand over the child.

The man continued to stall the boy’s return however, claiming at one point that his son’s health was in danger in Belgium. Shortly after, the boy was diagnosed with ADHD and a light form of autism. “My ex husband told the Spanish court that my son would be put in some sort of institution in Belgium,” says Monique Van De Sompel.

The Antwerp court, which has already consulted the Spanish authorities on this case and already awarded custody to the mother, is now imposing a heavy fine on the man if he does not comply with the court’s decisions. If he refuses to return the boy to his mother on Wednesday he will be forced to pay EUR 1,000 a day until he does so.

A worker from Child Focus will travel to Granada on Wednesday to accompany the boy on his trip back to Belgium

Mother Monique Van De Sompel hopes that the father will obey the court this time and allow his son to return to Belgium. “Since my ex husband found a way out the last two times I am not getting my hopes up too much this time. Because that makes it all the worse if this attempt fails as well.”

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