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EU election apathy hits Belgium

Published on 28/05/2004

28 May 2004

BRUSSELS – Despite the fact that voting is compulsory in the country, nearly a quarter of Belgians say they will not turn out to cast their ballots in next month’s elections to the European Parliament.

That was one of the findings of a Eurobarometer opinion poll published by the European Commission on Thursday. 

According to the study, only 76 percent of Belgian citizens intend to obey the law and vote in the EU elections.

The remaining 24 percent seem ready to boycott the poll and risk a fine.

And the bad news for EU enthusiasts is that Belgians appear to be among the European Union citizens most interested by the forthcoming euro-elections.

The study found that two thirds (63 percent) of European citizens do not even know when the EU elections will be held.

Belgium fared rather better on this score with 68 percent of people question knowing that the euro poll in this country will take place on 13 June.

The euro elections will not be held on the same day throughout the EU.

The voting period stretches from 10 to 13 June.

Turnout in EU elections is usually very low.

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