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Energy rebates effective from October

Published on 23/09/2005

23 September 2005

BRUSSELS — The federal government has clarified its plans to alleviate the high cost of fuel for Belgian residents after consultations with the energy sector.

Starting from 1 October, no one will need to pay VAT or excise taxes on heating oil priced above 50 euro cents a litre. The tax will be automatically deducted.

However, the 17.35 percent cut in price will also be backdated to 1 June 2005, but the taxes can only be reclaimed from the Finance Ministry from 1 October, newspaper ‘De Tijd’ reported on Friday.

From that date, consumers will be able to fill in a form at filling in at tax offices, post offices and online to reclaim the taxes

Furthermore, Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said after the weekly Cabinet meeting a list of fuel suppliers will be distributed to the public.

The list will identify where people can go for an interest-free spread of payments and a uniform price regardless of the amount of fuel purchased.

The proposals will be legislated in October, but in the meantime, the government has reached an agreement with the energy sector guaranteeing the savings are accessible to the public.

It means that everyone will be able to find a fuel supplier who is voluntarily offering both benefits within a radius of 25km of their home.

The government’s measures will eventually become compulsory for suppliers.

Skyrocketing fuel prices recently prompted the government to agree on cost-saving measures for households.

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