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Emma and Noah most popular names

17 August 2007

BRUSSELS – Emma and Noah are the most popular first names in Belgium as a whole for the second year in a row. There are differences among the regions though: Emma and Milan are the most popular in Flanders, Lea and Noa are the most popular in Wallonia, and Lina and Mohamed the favourites in Brussels.

Emma is the name most often given newborn girls in Belgium, followed by, in order, Marie, Laura, Julie and Louise. Sarah disappeared from the top 5 this year.

There are nine newcomers in the top 100 this year: Maya – the highest ranking newcomer at 73, followed by Maud, Dina, Eloïse, Mila, Lilou, Julia, Bo and Marthe.

Noah was number one for the boys again and there were no changes to the top 5. Hugo made a comeback in the top 10.

There are nine new boys’ names in the top 100 this year. Yanis is the highest ranking newcomer (67), followed by Keano, Hamza, Stan, Amine, Emile, Ferre, Mats and Ryan.

There were also some unusual names given to youngsters this year, including Bahrein, Bonaventure, Bru, Caesar, Rembrandt, Rolex and Poen, for boys. And for girls: Edelweiss, Mona-Lisa, Testimony, Urbanie, Vitaline and Zoen.

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