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Electric share bikes to tackle ‘hilly Brussels’

The rise from EUR 6 million to EUR 12 million is being made because of the increasing number of cyclists in Brussels.

Measurements show an increasing number of cyclists on Brussels roads, but the Mobility Minister is unhappy with the patchy figures and has given a commitment to use the latest technologies to map out bike use in Brussels.

The extra cash now being released will be used to construct cycle paths that keep cyclists entirely separate from drivers.

In future a completely separate cycling path will be built along the distance of the inner Brussels orbital ring road, commonly known as the ‘ring’.

More intersections will be equipped with lights that allow cyclists to turn off to the right when drivers face a red traffic light.

Mr Smet wants to examine whether the practice cannot be generalised with the use of a sign only at locations where this is dangerous.

The Mobility Minister also unveiled plans for electric share bikes. He believes that at present too many Brusselers are deterred by the hills of Brussels.

By adding electric bikes to the Villo bike share system this difficulty could be addressed.


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