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Electrabel freezes prices

14 January 2008 – The energy production and supply company Electrabel has said that its gas and electricity prices will be not be increased during 2008. The company’s CEO Jean-Pierre Hansen made the announcement in newspaper interviews that were published on Saturday morning.
Last year, Electrabel increased its gas prices by 20%, a move that was roundly condemned by consumers’ groups.

Mr Hansen told journalists that "after the rise in fuel prices last year we want to leave a bit of time to allow things to calm down".

"There won’t be any sudden increase in our prices, even if the prices on the international energy market continue to rise".
Mr Hansen also called on the government to take urgent measures to promote
energy conservation and promote the development of sustainable energy sources.

"No more than logical"
The consumers association Test-Aankoop has responded to the news of the price freeze by saying that after last year’s 30% rise in the price of gas it’s no more that logical that prices should not be go up this year.

The Federal Energy Minister Paul Magnette (Francophone socialist) says that he will look into the impact of the price freeze.

Meanwhile, Electrabel’s biggest competitor on the Belgian domestic fuel supply market SPE-Luminus, has also announced that its electricity and gas price are to be frozen for the duration of 2008.

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