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Eid: more sheep killed in approved abattoirs

21 January 2005

BRUSSELS – The number of sheep killed in approved abattoirs in Brussels during the current Moslem celebration of Eid has increased by a third, the city authorities said on Thursday.

Public health minister Emir Kir said that since Eid celebrations began in Belgium on Wednesday, a total of 1,300 sheep had been ritually slaughtered in five specially created temporary abattoirs situated at various locations in the capital.

The authorities are keen for people who respect the tradition of slaughtering a sheep for Eid to make sure the animals are killed in approved abattoirs.

In the past, Eid sacrifices carried out at home have sparked public health worries in certain Brussels communes.

Kir said he expected more sheep to be killed in the special abattoirs during the four-day Eid festivities.

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