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Ebola crisis: Belgium deploys mobile lab to Guinea

Published on 13/11/2014

The lab, called B-Life, can be quickly deployed to analyse blood samples and determine whether or not patients are infected with Ebola.

A team of eight will operate the lab that is expected to stay in the country for two months.

After this time the lab may be handed over to another organisation so that it can remain operational in the field. However, the Belgian Defence Minister Steven Vandeput has made it clear that the lab will only be deployed when the French army is able to guarantee security in the area.

The team of eight includes a specialist in infectious diseases and several nurses.

Belgium has been looking at the possible deployment of a B-Fast team since the Ebola crisis deepened. Opponents of deployment argue that B-Fast is not equipped for a lengthy deployment.

Mr Vandeput has acknowledged that the deployment of a lab by B-Fast is not part of the outfit’s primary role, but he stresses the advantages linked to a speedy deployment of the lab as a Belgian air force C-130 transport plane will be used for transports to Guinea.


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