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Easyjet has its eye on Brussels

Published on 19/05/2004

19 May 2004

BRUSSELS – Low-cost airline Easyjet is considering using Brussels airport for some of its European operations, it was confirmed on Wednesday.

Both the London-based airline and Biac, the company that manages Zaventem airport just outside of Brussels, confirmed that talks were underway.

If the low-cost airline does decide to fly in and out of Zaventem, its decision could have serious repercussions on other airlines that offer low price short haul flights out of Belgium.

Analysts say Virgin Express and SN Brussels, both of whom already use Zaventem, and Ireland’s Ryanair, which has a European ‘hub’ at Charleroi airport in Wallonia, could all be affected if Easyjet tries to muscle in on an already crowed market.

Easyjet spokeswoman Samantha Day stressed this week that her company is also looking at possible deals with other European airports and that no firm agreement with Zaventem has yet been struck.

Experts add that even if the low cost airline does decide to start using Brussels, it is unlikely to begin regular flights before next year.

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