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East Flanders to get Cycle Super Highways

Published on 23/10/2014

The East-West link through the town of Dendermonde will be included in the project too.

In all East Flanders plans to invest an annual EUR 2.5 million euros to construct 20 kilometres of top class cycle routes.

East Flanders already boasts 1,200 km of long distance cycle paths.

At present 43 percent of the network is in good or very good state.

Along stretches of 26 km cyclists share the road with other vehicles.

The province requires a further 200 km of cycle paths to complete its ambitions.

By 2018 when the cycle super highways are in place it should be possible to cycle from Deinze, Wetteren or Lokeren to Ghent by electric bike in only half an hour.

Peter Hertog charged with mobility in the provincial cabinet: "We want to make the highways user-friendly. Cycle paths will be straight. We’ll avoid mixing traffic with other vehicles and roundabouts will be equipped with special safety features. Cycle paths will be at least three metres wide and should be built using concrete or asphalt. They will be designed for traffic at 30 km/h."


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